Hello, it’s november!


Heloo, it’s has been a while that I’m away from keyboard. Rindu sebenarnya.


Hmm, well I just check Yuna’s outlet store and it’s totaly wow me. Oh come on Nov Cul, I hate to spend my money on you. Tak boleh cantik lagi ke? Tak boleh nak cun lagi ke? I hate youu –‘

Study + Student =

Be a degree student is tiring I told you the truth. But it’s fun itself. My Technical English II is fun btw for having this awesome and funky lect like madam Aisyah. I guess all the english’s lect was funny because my Tech. Eng I was madam Hamidah and she was very funny and hyper even though she was pregnant on that time. Well, tak ada apa yang membezakan sebagai student diploma dgn student degree. Cuma usia semakin matang dan fikiran dah makin dewasa untuk perform something yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. I’m amuze with my classmates because they was rocking awesome while thier perfoming the presentation. Everybody was giving a cool and the best perfomance I told you. But it was freaking tired because all the assignments, cames like a bomb tanpa perasaan. We are lucky sebab dapat lectures yang tak cerewet sangat.

Hobi + Free time =

Instead of shopping, I love to read. I cant spent my whole time by reading. I read whatever kind of reading yang menariklah. I was a comic collector as I told you before. And this year, I was a collector for novels and comics. I bought a lot of books this year and I really need a new rack for my books. Geez. Ahh, shout -out for my upcoming birthday next year is a torn of comics and novels. No need cakes and those crappy things. I blesse with books! Hahaha

Okey. Lagi lima minit pukul lima pagi. Goodnight uolsss!

Raya raya raya :)


I’m so excited bila tengok semua orang pakat duk upload gambar raya dekat Facebook, twitter, Insta semua kan. Kita pun nak jugak… Tapi card reader tuh happened to fail pulak masuk dekat dalam laptop. Apehal la si card reader olympus abah buat hal raya ke-3 sobs sobs!

But most important here, kita raya dengan anak buah kita, wuw! Maklum lah 1st time jadi Makngah nih kan.. Hehe. Yang akward gampangnya, boleh pulak bagi duit raya dekat Iman (anak buah comei tuh.) tapi dekat adik-adik hat dua ekoq tuh lupa nak bagi, Hahaha. Minta maaf banyak-banyak nah..

So, ramadhan past, raya past.. Let’s pray a good thing for another days yet abt to come. Amin, stay in bless and blast eves! šŸ™‚

The title given “Iklan raya yang sedih” but…ini gampang!

okey, my 1st impression was…omg are they doing one shoot vid? the camera position still in the same place non a move make by it. Hahaha, geez-man that mustbe hard to record I bet!

So, in short of time (petang nih) lepas berbuka I’m going back to my hometown, yeay me yeay me. At last, last night I made my shopping free jugak. My mission nak cari shawl was successfully complete (it wasn’t complete 100% yet act) but…nevermind. As long i’ve thing to put on my head hahaha.

I would like to take this chances, to apologies for my friends and everyone who know me since I have great time right know pfftt… Yeah, before the internet server go down, and line kinda (must) suck I think so I wish u guys ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2013″ Be happy whever you’re dan ingatlah orang yang tersayang.

Most forgotten, thanks to Keown for a free-ride to Kedah when you salute ideas coming-up last fews day ago and burned my RM50 ticket all away to Kedah, great abang is he? Well, thanks btw.
…………Kbye šŸ˜‰

My weird-long-missing-hobby are back!

You know that this past few days, I marathon back those Fruits Basket anime-drama. Well, seem like its been a long time though i’m not watch any of anime drama (Ciss, menipu. Haritu kita baru je borong dvd anime dkt ikea, fine.)


Kalau dulu, memang sangat fanatik dengan benda alah nih, lepas tuh komik, then novel and now back to anime drama back. Just now, I watch this romance drama anime “Sukitte Ii Na Yo” and the hero on this is handsome meng……pengsan! Rambut dia macam Takiya-Genji (Shun Oguri) See, dah terkeluar jargon jepun dah. And im not going to sleep since currently time now is 4:41AM dah kan?

Sebenarnya takda la apa2 pun, just nak share je cerita yang kita tengok tadi BEST!

………………….Kbye šŸ˜‰